Unpacking Inclusion. If inclusion is the goal…how do we get there?

Workshop Title: Unpacking Inclusion. If inclusion is the goal…how do we get there?
Location & Date: Suzhou Singapore International School, China. January 19-20 2019.
SSIS is inviting you to join us for a weekend workshop to explore the many facets of inclusion in an international context, to create a strategy for inclusion in your school. As a particular focus, participants will be introduced to an Inclusion Continuum that empowers staff to develop inclusive practices, and consider a philosophy that incorporates the diverse academic, social/emotional, and learning needs of students.
After initial introduction to the topic, participants are then offered the opportunity to engage in two pathways; an administrative pathway and a practitioner pathway.
Administrators will engage with policy writing, explore models for inclusion and allocation of resources, consider use of data to inform decision making and examine access to external service providers.
Practitioners will explore strategies to support all learners in the classroom, identify common barriers to learning, develop inclusive assessment practices and effective planning that allows for equitable and meaningful access to the curriculum.
For more details see our flier here.

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