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2019 – 2020 Japan SENIA Board Members

Nicola Sutcliffe - Co-Chair
Nicola Sutcliffe – Co-Chair (St. Mary’s International School)

We are pleased to introduce the new Board Members of our SENIA Chapter in Japan.

If you wish to contact us:

Stay tuned for updates and information of upcoming events in Japan and the region.


Jenny Shirota – Co-Chair (Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan)


Reid Pierce – PD and Conference Coordinator (Nagoya International School)

Ivy Maeda – PD and Conference  Coordinator (International School of the Sacred Heart)

Sarah Pearlz – Local Network Coordinator (Nagoya international School)
Erin Power – Local Network Coordinator (American School in Japan)
Srishti Vaswani – Advisor (Yokohama International School) 
Ron Shumsky – Advisor
Virginia Zamora – Web/Social Media Coordinator (Yokohama International School)