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2019 – 2020 Japan SENIA Board Members

Nicola Sutcliffe - Co-Chair
Nicola Sutcliffe – Co-Chair (St. Mary’s International School)

We are pleased to introduce the new Board Members of our SENIA Chapter in Japan.

If you wish to contact us:

Stay tuned for updates and information of upcoming events in Japan and the region.


Jenny Shirota – Co-Chair (Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan)


Reid Pierce – PD and Conference Coordinator (Nagoya International School)

Ivy Maeda – PD and Conference  Coordinator (International School of the Sacred Heart)

Sarah Pearlz – Local Network Coordinator (Nagoya international School)
Erin Power – Local Network Coordinator (American School in Japan)
Srishti Vaswani – Advisor (Yokohama International School) 
Ron Shumsky – Advisor
Virginia Zamora – Web/Social Media Coordinator (Yokohama International School)


Cognitive Coaching

The International School of Kuala Lumpur is excited to offer you three Cognitive Coaching courses this year:

Cognitive Coaching Part 2 (Days 5-8) from 15 – 18 November, 2018.

Advanced Cognitive Coaching Part 1 from 23 to 25 November, 2018.

Advanced Cognitive Coaching Part 2 from 2 to 4 March, 2019.

All three will be led by Ochan Powell.

Through this training, the learner will:

  • Refine and extend core coaching capabilities and skills.

  • Develop skills in advanced forms of paraphasing, probing for specificity, and inquiring to mediate the thinking of others.

  • Expand the possibilities and applications of our identities as mediators.

  • Frame personal coaching mastery as a journey, not a destination.

Interested educators in the Advanced levels must have completed both Cognitive Coaching Part 1 & 2.

The above links provide additional information about the training and the registration process.


COBIS Diploma for International Teaching Assistants

Support your Teaching Assistants to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to make a consistent and significant impact on teaching and learning.

By registering your TAs for the COBIS Diploma for International Teaching Assistants (DITA) or COBIS DITA for Early Years, not only will you be giving them access to the high quality professional development they crave but you will also be raising the standards of classroom support throughout your school.

The 6 month DITA and DITA Early Years programmes provide your TAs with 5 key mandatory units and a choice of 3 optional units to encourage reflection, share good practice and complete assignments (marked Pass, Merit or Distinction) relating theory to practice directly relevant to the role of international TAs.

Worried about what progress is being made? A monthly report is sent with details of the cohorts progression through the eLearning and assignments, the tutors are on hand for support and guidance throughout the programme.

The COBIS DITA has been created to provide International Teaching Assistants with the knowledge, skills and understanding to work effectively alongside the teacher whilst maximising learning opportunities for the children.

The COBIS DITA and the COBIS DITA for Early years is delivered with exceptional, personalised support and a strong belief that high standards in Teaching Assistant practice have a direct impact on children’s learning experiences.

Are you ready to get started?
Are you looking for more information?

2018 SENIA Japan Conference Info

SENIA Japan Conference details:

Canadian Academy will again be hosting the annual SENIA (Special Education Network in Asia) conference in Japan. On Friday and Saturday, Feb.9th and 10th. we welcome all international schools, teachers, counselors, admins, specialists, therapists, parents, and anyone interested to attend. On Friday night, there will be a special screening of the movie “A School for Everyone/みんなの学校,” an award-winning documentary about the challenges of an inclusive school in Osaka. (The movie will be in Japanese with English subtitles.) More information can be found here. We will also have an informal gathering Friday night after the movie, for anyone interested. The following morning we will have opening remarks from a student guest speaker from Nagoya International School, followed by workshops and job-alikes.

The conference registration is HERE.

SENIA Japan 2018 Conference Details 

Welcome SENIA Japan!

We are glad to announce that SENIA Japan is now a reality! Special education advocates and practitioners in Japan have met and discussed the start of SENIA Japan. Their initial mission statement is:
SENIA is a network of educators, professionals and parents across Asia dedicated to supporting children with special learning needs.The SENIA Japan chapter is an extension of the endeavour to advocate for children and their learning. Through the promotion of inclusion we aim to raise awareness of learning differences, diversity in teaching and learning practices and encourage the development of personalised learning experiences for students identified with learning needs.

Congratulations to Srishti, Craig and Luci for starting SENIA Japan! We look forward to your updates.

SENIA-Japan-First-meetingApr 28th, 2015