SENIA Japan Chapter



The Special Education Network In Asia (SENIA) Japan Chapter was formally established in April 2015 by a group of international teachers in Japan. It’s primary purpose is to support SENIA’s mission of developing a network that promotes awareness and advocacy for children with special educational needs.

Irrespective of culture, learning needs or language every child deserves to learn and learn in different ways. As an extension of the SENIA philosophy, SENIA Japan aims to help professionals in various educational contexts to bring to the fore the best and most effective ways of promoting a love for learning, honor learning differences and accept varied educational approaches to learning.

SENIA Japan membership is free and if you wish to be a member and be a part of the mailing list please  contact us by email at [email protected]

アジア特別支援教育ネットワーク(Special Education Network in Asia、以下「SENIA」)日本支部は、2015年の4月に日本在住のインターナショナル・スクール教員により、正式に設立されました。SENIA日本支部の主な目的は、特別支援教育が必要な子どもに対しての認識や支援を促進するネットワークを展開している、SENIAの理念を日本において拡充することです。


SENIAジャパンへの入会は無料です。入会やメーリングリストへ参加ご希望の方は[email protected]までご連絡ください。

SENIA mission statement:

SENIA is a network of educators, professionals and parents across Asia dedicated to supporting children with special learning needs.

Working together, we will provide a network to combine our strengths to help raise awareness and advocate for the children in our lives.

SENIA JAPAN vision statement:

SENIA Japan is a platform from which to launch the success of every child on their personalized learning journey and in so doing carry out the SENIA mission within the context of Japan.

In essence we aim to:

  • Carry out the SENIA mission within the context of Japan
  • To create a forum for learning support teachers, counsellors, parents and educators to meet, discuss and share
  • Be an advocate for inclusive schools to ensure access for students with learning needs across Japan

Objectives of SENIA Japan:

  • promote Inclusion (for Special Education as well as English as an Additional Language needs) within schools
  • provide a platform for counsellors to collaborate effectively to serve the social and emotional well-being of students
  • cater educational workshops for educators and parents
  • connect with various Japanese ‘systems’ (resources, testing, services, directory)
  • make connections with other like minded associations within Japan








  • 日本という環境の中でSENIAのミッションの実行
  • 学習支援員、カウンセラー、保護者、教育者が交流・議論・共有するためのフォーラムを設けること
  • 日本全国にわたり、日本全国のすべての学校を対象として学習ニーズを持つ子どもたちが、個々に合った適切な教育を受けられるよう活動すること


  • 学校内での包括的教育の促進(特別支援教育及び第二言語としての英語(「English as an additional language」)のニーズに応じる)
  • 子どもたちの個人的、社会的な幸福実現のため、カウンセラーに効果的に協力するための地盤を形成すること
  • 教育者や保護者向けの教育ワークショップの提供
  • 様々な日本の「制度」(リソース、テスト、サービス、ディレクトリ)と連携すること
  • 日本国内の他の共通の志を持つ団体と交流すること